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SwimNerd Digital Pace Clock

Swimming's #1 Digital Pace Clock

The most versatile digital pace clock available.  Whether you simply want it to count up (or down) and be highly visible (23cm tall LEDs are visible up to 100m away) this is the best clock on the market.  Plus... you can unlock the power of your SwimNerd clock and program your clock from either the handy remote or the Bluetooth enabled Swimnerd App.
Your SwimNerd Canda digital pace clock has built in screw constructs for easy mounting.  Each clock is coated with a special glue that is impermeable to water, humidity, and all the regular conditions of pools.

SwimNerd Tripod for Pace Clock

Position Your SwimNerd Anywhere

Keep your SwimNerd Canada Digital Pace Clock safe and sturdy with our tripod.  Simple, easy to use, easy to set up.  You can raise the clock up to over 2.4m tall.  When the clock is secured on the tripod you can swivel for easy of viewing.

SwimNerd Pace Clock Battery

No Power Outlet, No Problem!

6 hour re-chargeable 12v Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Lithium-ion charger.

SwimNerd Carrying Case

Take Your Nerd To Go

Are you a nomadic coach traveling from pool to pool? 

Are you heading out of town for a training trip?

Take your SwimNerd Canada digital pace clock with you, protecting it with the SwimNerd carrying case.

The bag is durable and waterproof on both sides.

Bring Swimming's #1 Digital Pace Clock to your pool deck.

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